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Raw materials


The most important raw material for the production of high-quality pulp at Schweighofer Fiber GmbH in Hallein is spruce wood, which comes from sustainably-managed forests within the European Union. Every year around 900,000 solid cubic meters of this renewable material is used for the production of cellulose. The vast majority is saw mill residue, which comes from saw mills in Austria, Germany and Eastern Europe in the form of wood chips. Around 100,000 solid cubic meters are processed in the form of logs. These logs are de-barked and chipped at our own de-barking plant, situated within the wood yard. Logs of between 2 and 5 meters in length, with a top-end diameter of 8 cm (without bark) and a maximum base diameter of 50 cm can be processed.

The wood chips are stored in a ring pile, which can hold up to 110,000 solid cubic meters. Wood fuel for the company's biomass heating plant is also prepared at the lumber yard. This comprises around 100,000 solid cubic meters or 50,000 tonnes of completely dry wood, which arrives in Hallein either as wood chips or logs. Biomass logs with a diameter of up to 140 centimeters can be processed.

The wood raw material is procured by a subsidiary company - Holzindustrie Schweighofer. The wood purchasing schedule is managed by both a field-based and an office-based employee.


To produce viscose pulp, Schweighofer Fiber cooks wood chips at a high temperature in a pressure vessel, along with a cooking liquor, for around 8 hours. Following this chemical digestion of the wood, the liberated fibers are chemically bleached and washed in such a way that the highest possible level of cellulose purity is achieved. The bleach used in the cellulose from Hallein is totally chlorine free (TCF). The most important chemicals used at the site are magnesium oxide and sulphur dioxide for the cooking process, and caustic soda, hydrogen peroxide, oxygen and ozone for the bleaching process. Ozone is created from oxygen on-site using a static electrical discharge in an ozone generator.

Wood Procurement
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