Schweighofer Fiber GmbH
P.O. Box 62
Salzachtalstraße 88
5400 Hallein – Austria

Bio Energy

Heat and electricity from renewable energy

Schweighofer Fiber GmbH is one of the largest producers of green electricity in the state of Salzburg and in Austria. Biogas and biomass serve as natural energy reserves. The company supplies electricity and district heat to the public grid and therefore makes an important contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions. Forest wood, bark, sawdust, rejected fibers and sludge from waste water treatment are burned in the biomass combined heat and power plant (BCHP).

A new turbine allows even low-value residual steam to be used to generate heat and electricity. The production of energy requires around 100,000 solid cubic meters of energy wood per annum. At present, approximately 120 GWh of district heat and 60 GWh of green electricity are supplied to the public grids each year.

Green electricity is fed into Salzburg AG's public grid and supplies the Hallein hospital, as well as many private households.

  • 100,000 solid cubic meters of wood
  • 120 GWh of district heat
  • 60 GWh of green electricity
  • 80 GWh of biogas

Supply to the public grid
Provision of 16,500 households with green electricity and 14,500 households with district heating.