Schweighofer Fiber GmbH
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Salzachtalstraße 88
5400 Hallein – Austria


Added value from wood – increased creation of value at the Hallein site

In 2012, the existing pulp production was expanded to include viscose pulp for the textile and food industry. The demand for natural fibers for the creation of textiles is increasing globally. The land required to grow cotton is in direct competition with food production. For this reason, viscose is expected to experience disproportionate growth. Viscose Fibers offer many advantages:

  • Viscose fibers are manufactured from wood, which is a renewable and natural raw material, and are therefore carbon neutral
  • Viscose fibers can be combined with cotton and synthetic fibers, which increase wearing comfort
  • Viscose fibers are extremely breathable (moisture regulation) and can be incorporated into functional designs (flame-retardant, antibacterial, etc.)
  • Manufacturing and processing of viscose fibers is significantly more environmentally friendly than cotton (in terms of water and energy requirements)

Umwelterklärung 2016

Environmental Hotline:
+43 (0)664 6208 500

The Company’s environmental policy complies with the stringent EMAS criteria. The site possesses a consolidated assessment and is ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001 and OHSAS 18001 certified.